Experience the charm of Dauin

Immerse yourself in the local culture of this quaint coastal town.

Prime location with coral reefs just at our doorstep

At our hostel/dive shop, we are proud to be located in the heart of Dauin, offering easy access to the three best dive sites in Dumaguete and the surrounding areas.

Whether you prefer muck or reef diving, you'll find it all just a few steps away from our doorstep.

We are the perfect place to learn PADI courses, with plenty of unique marine life to explore from the start. It's not uncommon to spot local sea turtles feeding or sleeping among the coral reefs during your lessons.

Sign up for your PADI Course today and take advantage of our prime location.

Get to know the real Dauin

Our location is unbeatable when it comes to diving, with the best sites right at our doorstep. But Dauin has even more to offer, from exploring the surrounding nature to discovering hidden gems in the town's charming streets. Take a stroll through Dauin's center, sample the local cuisine, and discover the warmth and hospitality of Filipino people.

Dauin may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer. Our dive shop is located just a five-minute walk from the local market, where you'll find a variety of small local stores, eateries, fresh fruit vendors, and roasted chicken sellers. There are 3 ATM’s in the area, however we recommend bringing enough cash to cover your expenses for a few days.

Getting around is easy

During the day, transportation is easy to find and accessible from the market. You can choose from local jeepneys, tricycles, buses, and taxi’s. If you want more flexibility and freedom, you can rent a motorbike in Dumaguete for as low as around 350 PHP per day.

Please ensure that the motorbike is in good condition and has the necessary paperwork. With a rented motorbike, you can explore the area and visit nearby attractions such as Forrest Camp, Baslay Hot Springs, Twin Lakes, Casaroro Falls, Red Rock Falls, Kokoos Nest, Bais, and Mabinay caves.


Diving in Dauin and Apo Island

What awaits on your journey

Dauin: A Volcanic Beach Destination

Dauin, a volcanic beach destination, may not be what comes to mind when thinking of tropical getaways due to its black/brownish sand. However, the sand's unique color is a result of volcanic activity, and it's what lies beneath the surface that makes Dauin a diver's paradise.

While visitors flock to Apo Island, the area's muck diving is what truly sets it apart. With some of the best muck diving sites, Dauin is recognized as one of the world's best muck diving locations in Southeast Asia.

Muck Diving in Dauin: A Macro Paradise

Muck diving, which involves diving in sandy areas and coral patches, allows you to explore an ecosystem filled with hundreds of strange-looking fish and critters designed to protect themselves from predators. Underwater photographers will find

Dauin to be a true macro paradise on earth, with diverse marine life that can't be found anywhere else. Although some may find muck diving less exciting, there are other dive sites available in the area with unique Marine life to explore.

Apo Island: A World-Class Experience

While Dauin's diving is impressive, Apo Island offers another world-class diving experience. With diverse coral reefs, drift dives, and walls for diving, Apo Island boasts breathtaking rock and coral formations that are home to thriving marine life.

Visitors can indeed also explore massive corals and swim through schools of jacks and other fish. Overall, we’re proud that Dauin and Apo Island offer the some of the best diving experience in Dumaguete and its surrounding areas.